Everything must go!

As all of you most likely know by now, Belka is not a band anymore.
But we still got quite a bunch of “ermitage” EPs (vinyl) and t-shirts left.
We got special sale prices to convince you even more to get yourself a long lasting reminder of our band.

EPs and t-shirts are up for 6€ and EP/t-shirt combos are up for 10€.

Get it while it’s hot!



Belka are fucking dead!

— english below —

Die meisten wissen es bereits, wir machen’s trotzdem noch mal ganz offiziell:
Aufgrund verschiedener Wohnorte/zeitlicher Ressourcen/Lebensumstände/you name it haben wir uns entschieden, die gute Belka in Frieden ruhen zu lassen.

Wir möchten noch mal ein riesiges Dankeschön raushauen an alle, die uns in dieser sehr schönen Zeit unterstützt haben, allen voran Fabi von Sunsetter Recording Studio/Sunsetter Records und Rob von zilpzalp records sowie Peter von Koepfen, die es uns ermöglicht haben, mit der Ermitage EP ein echtes Herzensprojekt zu realisieren.
Weiterhin vielen Dank an Navina (tintentrotz) und Marie (Instagram: @mr_vlmr) für die wunderschönen Illustrationen, DirAction für die Hilfe beim Merch sowie an die unzähligen Veranstalter*Innen und Helfer*Innen, die uns bei sich haben spielen lassen und uns was zu futtern und einen Platz zum Schlafen gegeben haben; ihr wisst wer ihr seid.

Anbei noch ein rührseliges Foto von unserem letzten Weekender, wo wir mit den Chaoten von yon die Bühne teilen durften.

Liebe, Frieden und Widerstand,
eure Belkapopelka

Ach ja, übrigens:
Simon trommelt nach wie vor bei Boston Curtis, und auch Dominik wird nachgesagt, dass er bald an anderer Stelle zu hören sein wird. Wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden!


That was quite a ride we really enjoyed!
Due to now living in different cities and having varying resources, that being time and personal circumstances, we officially call it quits.
Thanks to everyone involved in the project “Belka”: we couldn’t have made it without you folks!

Love, peace and resistance!

By the way:
Simon still plays the drums in Boston Curtis and has started a new band with Dominik and another person. Watch out for announcements about a demo dropping in late summer and the first shows – most likely – in autumn.

(the picture shows us and some friends during our last weekender)

Preorder of “ermitage” 12″ starts now

Hey punx,

finally after six months of heavy procrastinating (mainly on our part), we proudly announce the release of our debut 12” ‘ermitage’ on 1st October 2017. With the help of our magnificent friends in Koepfen, Sunsetter Records & zilpzalp records we printed a bunch of yellow (150 pieces) and good ol’ black (150 pieces) vinyls. The lovely artwork is done by our dear friend Navina (tintentrotz).
Every order via our bandshop comes with a free poster. We’ll try to throw in a little surprise for the first 30 orders aswell.

Also, we will bring some records with us for a small run in October, although there are still some gaps we desperately need to fill. So if there is anyone out there willing to welcome our 4 beautiful bodies, we would be more than grateful:

25.10. – between Hamburg and Mannheim
26.10. – MANNHEIM (booked)
27.10. – between Mannheim and Dresden
28.10. – DRESDEN (booked)
29.10. – not too far from Hamburg (matinée show)


love always

Next show and update on records

Hey friends,

Our next show before a little summer break will be at Anna&Arthur, Lüneburg, on June 30 with the lovely See More Glass. Hope to see some of you there!

Until then we’re getting everything ready for the pressing plant to make us some sweet vinyl to be hopefully ready in late summer / early autmn this year.


EP release “ermitage” and start of tour

— English below —

Moin Punx,
es ist soweit! Wie versprochen gibt es pünktlich zum morgigen Tourstart unsere erste EP „ermitage“ ab sofort bei Bandcamp zu hören oder als Pay-what-you-want-Option zum Download. Wir sind unglaublich dankbar für all die Unterstützung, die wir von vielen Seiten bis hierhin erhalten haben und freuen uns total über das Ergebnis. Besonderer Dank geht ein weiteres Mal an Fabi von Sunsetter Recording Studio, Bremen, für all die Arbeit und Geduld.

Ermitage wird im Laufe des Jahres auch als Vinyl-Release erscheinen. Bis dahin freuen wir uns über Feedback und hoffen morgen ein paar bekannte und neue Gesichter in der F115 in Hamburg zu sehen. Man munkelt, dass es dort auch eine superlimitierte-DIY-Tape-Version von ermitage geben wird. Nicht zuletzt: Slow Bloomer und Schwache Nerven sind auch mit am Start, das wird fett!
See you there,





Yo punx,
the day finally has come! As promised you can now stream our first ep “ermitage” via bandcamp and download it for free or as much as you wanna give.
We’re very grateful for all the support we’ve been given over the past couple weeks and are so happy about the outcome. A special thank you again to Fabi at Sunsetter Recording Studio, Bremen, for all the effort and patience you put in for this ep to happen. In summer – or so – “ermitage” will also be released on vinyl, so keep your eyes peeled.

We welcome your feedback on the record and hope to see some familiar and new faces at the F115 (Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg) tomorrow and at our shows during the next couple days.
You’ll also be able to purchase some handmade “ermitage” audio cassettes.

And last but not least: Slow Bloomer and Schwache Nerven are two killer bands who will join us tomorrow. Don’t miss out on them.

See you there,




Heart Circle Sampler II

For us and probably for a lot of you out there as well, music has the amazing ability to connect with hundreds and thousands of people, discover mutual experiences and create unbreakable bonds. With music, we can show what truly is important to us, but also can find solace and strength.

With that being said, we want to present you the second Heart Circle Compilation, dedicated to Marc Köhler who fought and unfortunately lost a long battle with several diseases. Our thoughts and all earnings of this sampler will go directly Marc’s family.

Stay safe,

Sampler: https://the90sscreamohcemoindie-rockfriends.bandcamp.com/releases

For more information on Marc’s story: https://prettyinnoise.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-heart-circle
Artwork done by Benjamin Bartosch

Next show, merch, record

Hey punx,
long time no talk!
We got some – at least for us – exciting news:
Our next show will be in Berlin at Scharni38 w/ Zerfetzt on January, 29th – super stoked for this (fb event).
We even got some new songs to be played in front of an audience for the first time.
We also will have some shirts, stickers and patches available in the near future.
In the beginning of February we’ll hit the studio to record our first EP with Fabi  at Sunsetter Recording Studio, Bremen. Seriously can’t wait for this!
Last but not least: We will continue as a four piece after Flo moved to Würzburg last summer. Sadly the distance is too big to keep working together.
Lots of love,

Little tour in about two weeks


we’re very excited to announce our first little tour in about two weeks. Unfortunately we’re still missing a show on October, 25th. Please get in touch if you could help us out. We don’t need much. It would mean the world to us.

23/10/16 – Chemnitz (AC17) w/ Viva Belgrado -> FB-Event

24/10/16 – Leipzig (Spelunke) w/ Yes Deer, Dwarphs -> FB-Event

25/10/16 – NEED HELP! Anywhere between Leipzig and Hamburg (Madgeburg, Hannover, Göttingen, Berlin, Bremen, Bielefeld, etc.)

Looking forward to seeing familiar – and of course – new faces at those shows. The other bands are awesome. So at least come out to catch Viva Belgrado, Yes Deer and Dwarphs.